We are Lower Back Pain Specialist - We have the best and most innovative treatments for all kinds of back pain including Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome.

Lower Back Therapy by Dr. Evan Mahoney, creator of Kinetic Acupuncture's Decompression Stretch. We have one of the most Unique Lower Back Pain Treatments which provides pain relief often at the first treatment and life changing results.

(Kinetic D) Acupuncture has given hundreds of Cape Coral residents lifelong relief from lower back pain. $$$ Money Saver Therapy. No long treatment plans. We teach our patients the Kinetic D stretch. Come to us first for your back pain. This stretch can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary therapies.

Foot Pain Specialists:

Plantar Fascitis, Mortons Neuroma, Achilles Tendinitis, Toe Foot Pain.

Another $$$ Money Saver. Often Instant Results and great foot stretches!

Our Kinetic Acupuncture could be the quickest and easiest solution to your foot pain and discomfort. Experience our amazing, multi - disciplinary treatment for yourself.

We Love Making your Feet Feel Better!


Sinusitis Pain and Congestion - Nothing beats acupuncture when it comes to treating this condition.


PTSD Acupuncture. We have a great treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You can read about it in our books "Saam Medical Meditation" and "Structures of Knowledge, Organ Centered Consciousness".

Headache Specialist

Using Dr. Evan Mahoney's Book "Saam Medical Meditation" which includes "Headaches". From this resource are the techniques and tools we use to treat headaches.

Stop Smoking Acupuncture - Try it one time!

We have Acupuncture for Heart Palpitations and Irregular Heart Beats.

This is a personal favorite of Dr. Evan Mahoney. A free copy of his book "Saam Medical Meditation" is available for our heart patients, which explains how meditation based on acupuncture helped Dr. Evan overcome his own heart irregularities. This treatment combines both meditation and acupuncture to help overcome the electrical signal short circuits (Qi stagnation or Qi deficiency) occuring between the brain, throat, and heart that cause irregular heart beat disorders.

Raw H*e*r*b*a*l Medicine

Dr. Evan Mahoney and Young OK learned H*e*r*b*a*l Medicine from the finest Chinese and Korean Professors. Check out our Raw H*e*r*b*s Display. Take home and cook or we can prepare for you. Order your h*e*r*b*s from us in bulk we offer the most affordable pricing. We carry GO JI BERRIES, GINSENG, ASTRAGALUS and other h*e*r*b*s to choose from. We also ship h*e*r*b*s nationwide.

Relax and De-Stress: Remarkable and Profound, Stress Relieving Spa like therapy with Saam Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Other conditions we help: Digestive Pain/Discomfort, Bowel, Urinary Disorders, Gynecological/ Reproductive, Cardiovascular, Emotional Stress/ Anxiety, Facial Beauty Rejuvenation. Most diseases and disorders.

dr. Evan mahoney and the Interpretation of Dreams Study

For Nine Years Dr. Evan Mahoney has been conducting research on the Interpretation of Dreams.