Dry Needle Technique Cape Coral

We are Cape Coral's Premier provider of the Dry Needle Technique (also known as Trigger Point Acupuncture). Today's Dry Needle Technique dates back to ancient Korea from the famous Dr. Heo Im (early 1600's) who used acupuncture with stretching to untie the knots which are muscle trigger points. Dr. Evan Mahoney uses a combination of VST and Kinetic Acupuncture in performance of the Dry Needle Technique. With his extensive training in acupuncture and professional experience Dr. Evan Mahoney has the all important 'touch, dexterity, and knowledge' for the safe performance of this technique. Per the extensive training required for the practice of acupuncture it is best to use fully trained and qualified acupuncturist for the dry needle technique. Without such training, Dry Needle performed by an inexperienced and insufficiently trained practitioner may result in pain or harm.

VST Acupuncture equivalent to the Dry Needle Technique.

VST stands for Vertex Synchronizing Technique, created by my teacher Dr. Jonghwa Lee. VST is a modern Korean Acupuncture technique which utilizes muscle testing to effect balance along both sides of the spine and proximal / distal areas of joints. VST uses a combination of traditional acupuncture points with muscle trigger points. VST is an elegant acupuncture technique performed by someone with thousands of didactic and clinical hours in needle insertion, safety, and acupuncture physiology. The skill and dexterity of the VST Acupuncturist promotes maximum patient comfort and relaxation with maximal therapeutic effect. Below is the explanation of the VST acupuncture trigger point mechanisms.

What is a trigger point?A trigger point is a “knot” or cluster of muscle fascia within the muscle tissue. From the "Miraculous Pivot" Chapter 9, by Sun Si Mao (A 2000 year old book) describing the pathology of trigger points, aka "Ashi" point.

1.Trigger points are painful upon palpation. Just like an acupuncture Ashi point, they may be so painful the patient will “jump” or say “Ahh”.

2.Pain can be local to a trigger point, or pain can be referred to the muscle attachment and insertion points. Pain can also refer to other groups of attached muscles.

3.Shortened Muscle Effect.Trigger points shorten the length of a muscle.The analogy is if you take a piece of rope and tie a knot in it, the length of rope will be shortened.So too do trigger points shorten muscles.

4.Shortened muscles reduce range of motion of joint or limb.

5.Shortened muscles add more tension and strain on tendons.If the muscle is shortened the tendon is stretched more.Being stretched it can easily rub against adjacent tissue causing inflammation.More likely to sprain/ strain muscle or tendons or tear muscle or tendons.If our range of motion of joint or limb is reduced when we have an accident where we move beyond that limited range of motion we are likely to sprain/ strain or cause other injury.

6.Trigger points reduce the flow of blood or oxygen to muscle tissue.Dr. John Sarno (Tension Myositis Syndrome),Researcher at University of New York department of rehabilitative medicine states “a slight decrease of oxygen 4-5% to tissue is enough to cause severe pain”.Dr. Hyungsuk Choir, professor, researcher at Kyunghee University, (and my instructor) states that the muscle becomes dry and stringy like a beef jerky like consistency.

7.Shortened muscles cannot be strengthened.

8.Trigger points can exist in muscles and be dormant and asymptomatic until a triggering event like an accident or exposure to cold occurs.

9. Peripheral Nerve Impingements are a result of short muscle/ stretched tendon pressing on the nerve.

The purpose of VST acupuncture is to untie the knots in the muscle and eliminate the trigger points. By untying the knot, the muscle will lengthen and relax. Blood circulation improves and the muscle becomes more flexible and pliable, thus reversing all the mechanisms stated above.

The outcome of VST acupuncture is pain relief and improved range of motion and muscle mobility.

I, Dr. Evan Mahoney have safely performed VST acupuncture thousands of times. Due to my extensive (5,000 + hours) training in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, I am an unparalleled expert in VST acupuncture, which is an acupuncture equivalent of the Dry Needle Technique. During my Doctoral Program at Samra Acupuncture Center, I studied/ practiced VST Acupuncture with Dr. Jonghwa Lee, Bliss Acupuncture Center, Irvine Ca,. Dr. Lee is the creater of the Vertex Synchronizing Technique (VST acupuncture). I also studied/ practiced VST with Dr. Hyungsuk Choi, working full time for two years in the busy pain management clinic Samra Acupuncture Center/ Hamsoa Childrens Clinic in Los Angeles.

Patient Advisory: Word of Caution: Due to the proven success of acupuncture, many outsiders are trying to expand their scope of practice into acupuncture. They have found loopholes where they can practice acupuncture, by simply calling it another name like Dry Needle. This loophole circumvents thousands of hours of training in patient safety, infection control, and acupuncture physiology. There are many practitioners who are not even licensed Acupuncturist. Some may even be practicing acupuncture illegally! This is a potentially dangerous and harmful situation. Always inquire into the licensure and training of your practitioner. I recommend seeing only a licensed acupuncturist.

Kinetic Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Kinetic Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment, used to eliminate pain and increase range of motion in the spine, pelvis, and other joints. It is a modern acupuncture technique, that helps relieve pain and help regain structural balance.

Improved Movement after Acupuncture? Yes,

Kinetic Acupuncture increases your mobility and decreases your pain. We have effective kinetic procedures for lower back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee pain, and plantar fascitis. Shortened Muscles?

Shortened muscles with trigger points are a common cause of pain and restriction of motion. We perform Trigger Point Release as part of our Kinetic Acupuncture therapy. Master Sams Kinetic Acupuncture is a comprehensive and integrated healing experience. Results of VST and Kinetic Acupuncture are shown immediately with pain relief, increased range of motion and recovery of functions in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Kinetic Acupuncture and VST are next generation beyond Dry Needle Techniques. Dr. Evan Mahoney is the most experienced practitioners of these techniques in all of South Florida and beyond.

SAAM Acupuncture / Meditation

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SAAM Acupuncture (Korean 4 needle technique) is a famous acupuncture technique from Korea. It is an elegant and effective technique which generates a focused and powerful healing energy from just a few needles. Saam is an Amazing Meditative Acupuncture Experience performed in the most comfortable and relaxed of settings.

SAAM was a monk and doctor in 16th century Korea. Like all high monks of the time he gave up the use of his birthname and left us with SAAM which means "cave dweller". Legend has it that he meditated and discovered the core of acupuncture’s mystery. He left behind a few manuscripts which were revived in the mid 20th century. Saam is now one of the most popular techniques used in Traditional Korean Medicine.

Dr. Evan Mahoney also discovered the mystery of acupuncture through meditation (elaborated in the book series "Saam Medical Meditation").

Dr. Evan Mahoney has been clinically using Saam Acupuncture since 2009. It is a highly effective and beloved technique by his patients and acupuncturist who have taken his classes.

Acupuncturist - To order the online CEU/ PDA classes click the CEU link above.

Includes Harmonized Combinations, applications for PTSD, Dr. John Sarno's 'Unconscious Rage', Expelling Demons, Grief, Pain, and Cold, with discussions of complimentary Korean Acupuncture techniques of VST, Kinetic, and Motion Style Acupuncture. Links to video demonstrations to these techniques are also available.

Read and Study the entire Saam Medical Meditation Book Series, including "The Interpretation of Dreams", "Nongae of Love and Courage", "Into the 8", and "The Journal of the Knowledge Pursuant Self.

Dr. Mahoney learned SAAM acupuncture exclusively under Dr. Tae Cheong Choo (President and Professorof Samra University) for seven years (2002-2009). Dr. Choo is credited as the first doctor to bring Saam Acupuncture to the West. Other sources for the book were from Dr. Hong Gyeong Kim.